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Suspension Brake service


Does your vehicle make an unpleasant squeal when you need to stop? Have you noticed a spongy feeling when you push the pedal? Then it's time to bring your car, truck, or SUV to the experts at Robert's Automotive Inc. today before it's too late.

Full-service brake and suspension shop

Driving on faulty brakes isn't just a danger to yourself and your family, it's dangerous for anyone sharing the road with you. When you need brake repair or replacement quickly and affordably, call Robert's Automotive Inc.


Our qualified technicians will repair your brakes, if possible, or will give you a full replacement if necessary. We also make sure you have a proper alignment for complete safety.

Brake services

  • Shocks and struts

  • Rotors

  • Pads

  • Calipers

  • Control arms

  • Wheel bearings

  • Anti-lock brakes

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